Branded Air Up Bottles

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branded air up bottles

Branded Air Up Bottles

You may recognise this popular bottle from ad breaks on the tv. It’s been trending throughout schools and consumers are loving it. We’re happy to share some great news that the branded Air Up bottles are now available in the promotional industry!

The Air Up bottle is currently available in the stainless-steel black option with the orange spout. It looks super stylish, has sustainable attributes and encourages hydration too. The bottle keeps your water cold for up to 14 hours and is suitable for both carbonated and non-carbonated water.

How does the Air Up Bottle work?

This bottle is the world’s first refillable drinking system that gives water flavour through scent alone. Unlike infused water, Air Up separates the taste from the water. The thing about taste is that around 80% of what we perceive as flavour is derived from what we’re smelling. (Taken from Air Up’s website). The basis for this is the physiological phenomenon of retronasal smelling. So, with the Air Up, you’re drinking water and experiencing flavour through scent. The scent comes from pods filled with natural flavours. They’re placed in the mouthpiece and as soon as you drink from the straw, you also draw the flavoured air along with the water. The fragrance molecules are then perceived as a taste when you exhale. Please note: the pods aren’t available through Firebrand but can be purchased through Air Up directly.

The black stainless-steel Air Up bottle can be laser engraved with your logo. It has a generous branding area on the front of the bottle.

To benefit from economies of scale, we recommend ordering 500+ bottles. For any quantities lower than this, why not explore our other drinkware options? We also have a wide range of premium brands available too, here’s a snippet of what we can offer.

If you would like a quote or more information on the branded Air Up bottles, on other premium brands or alternative drinkware options please click here to get in touch.