Thinking Globally, Acting Sustainably

Firebrand Promotions are a Carbon Neutral company and are continuously making positive changes to give something back. We want to encourage likeminded brands to think globally and act sustainably when choosing their marketing materials. Fortunately, with our range of merchandise and knowledge, we can help our customers to achieve this. As mentioned above, customers will receive a goody bag which they can fill with sustainable merchandise while touring the event. All the giveaways that you’ll receive have eco-friendly credentials. We have also invited our partners, Climate Wise to run two Becoming Climate Wise talks during the event. The purpose of these is to give our customers an insight into the climate positive journey that Firebrand are on. We recommend attending one of these talks if you are keen to learn how you can make climate positive changes both in work and in your personal life. There is more about the Becoming Climate Wise seminars further down on this page.

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