Award-Winning Branded Sustainable Textiles Supplier

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Branded Sustainable Textiles

Award-Winning Branded Sustainable Textiles Supplier

In December 2022, one of our key supply partners, Kingly, received the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award. This was won at a ceremony organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria. The company was nominated in the ‘Ecology’ category and won 1st place for their continuous work towards implementing sustainable projects within the merchandise manufacturing industry. Many of Firebrand and Kingly’s values and views towards sustainability align, so we’re sharing more about our award-winning branded sustainable textiles supplier and their upcycled products.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is when you reuse an existing material or product to create a new product with a higher perceived value or quality than the original material or product.

What Upcycled Promotional Products are available?

Back in 2019, Kingly’s popular upcycled cotton socks in compostable bags were introduced to the promotional merchandise market. These socks won the Promotional Gift Award 2020 as upcycled cotton provides significant savings in resources and compostable bags can break down within 8 weeks once disposed of. Did you know, if you ordered 1000 upcycled cotton socks, you would save 2652 kW/h of energy? You’d also save an impressive 1088kg or CO2, 710,530 litres of water and 120 m2 of landfill!

As a result of Kingly’s success after launching the upcycled socks range, they then launched knitted sweaters. These became an instant hit! What’s more is the environmental savings when it comes to the creation of upcycled sweaters are even more significant. The product statements have been calculated through LCA work and verified by Universidad de Valencia and UNESCO.

Recently, Kingly launched The Kingly Upcycled Project. This initiative intends to reuse textile offcuts from their sock production to create new products. This is in line with their ISO 14001 Environmental Policy. The leftover fibres find a new life as stuffing for printed pillowcases and furniture.

Kingly’s products are available through Firebrand Promotions. If you would like to discuss branded sustainable textiles with us, including our upcycled socks or upcycled sweaters, please click here to get in touch.