First 5p Bags Now Cups!

5p bags

After the success of the 5p bags, could we be seeing re-usable cups?

Since October 2015, shopping changed in the UK when the 5p bags charge was put in place. On average in the UK,  the average shopper uses 6 bags per week. With a population of roughly 64 million, that means 384 million bags are discarded per week! If we then times that by the 52 weeks in a year that equals over 19 billion! According to the BBC, we’ve reduced our plastic waste by 80% since the bag charge has come.  This has also caused a rise in the use of re-usable bags by 40%. Phew!

Moving in the same direction as the bag charge, there is now a possibility of a 5p charge for disposable coffee cups. Statistics suggest that over 2.5 billion disposable cups are used each day and less than 1 in 400 are recycled. The Lib Dems are suggesting a shift of culture to encourage coffee fanatics to bring their own travel cup for a refill.

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