5 Ways To Use A Branded Bag

5 Ways To Use A Branded Bag

5 Ways To Use A Branded Bag

Branded bags make excellent marketing tools for many reasons. They offer many uses and benefits whilst helping to cut down on disposable plastic waste. We’ve put together 5 ways that you can use a branded bag to your businesses advantage.

Offer a promotional bag as a customer gift

We all love a freebie, so why not use a branded bag as a free giveaway? You may be giving them away at events for people to put all of their belongings into. Or, you could offer a free bag to go along with a purchase as a way to up-sell your products to customers. Don’t forget, the stronger and sturdier the bag, the more likely your bag will be used at an event for passive advertising.

Sell them as a bag for life

Most retailers have now realised the potential in selling a promotional bag to their customers. Shoppers are happy to pay for a bag if the price is reasonable and the bag is sustainable and practical. It’s a low-cost way of getting your brand on a bag which is sure to be used again and again.

Use promotional bags to raise awareness of a cause

A promotional bag is a great marketing tool to raise awareness of a brand or cause. This approach can work for charities and can also be a way of raising additional revenue if supporters pay for the bags.

Use a promotional bag to advertise your business

If you feel your flyers, leaflets and adverts aren’t creating as much of an impact as you may have hoped, why not look into a branded bag? Each time it’s used, it is essentially a walking billboard for your brand.

For business purposes

You can also use branded bags for carrying laptops or important corporate items for a meeting or to the office. Using a branded bag on the train in the morning makes an excellent way to show off your brand to other commuters.

Don’t forget, companies are still loving bags…

The BPMA have recently conducted a survey. More than 1000 people were asked to take part from various sectors. Many companies love to buy unusual products to promote their brands. However, it’s clear from the survey that “traditional” products aren’t a thing of the past with 66% of respondents buying bags.

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